The Crew

Mike Bohn – Go to Guy / Partner

Michael Bohn has over 20-years in the advertising Industry with over 14 of those in the Casino industry. Michael began his career in New York City where he worked for an Omnicom advertising agency for over seven years.

When Michael decided to move to Las Vegas, he landed the position of Advertising Project Manager at The Venetian Las Vegas. There, he was in charge of managing all event and promotional driven direct mail efforts from budget to execution, and every step between.

Midway through his time at The Venetian Las Vegas, he transferred to the Strategic Marketing Department to become the Database Marketing Manager in charge of all the properties database driven strategies.

In 2007, Michael was recruited to join Up All Day Creative Solutions as one of their managing partners. Michael directly leads Up All Day’s Account Services Team to ensure every client is receiving all the help, assistance, and projects to optimize their business.


Gabriel Trujillo – Creative Guy / Partner

Gabriel joined the Hospitality Industry in 2003, when he took the position of Lead Graphic Designer at Holiday Systems International to work with a team tasked with the branding and improvement of their site’s user interface.

In 2004, he transitioned into Casino industry when he was recruited to work a very select team at The Venetian Las Vegas under the direction of its Art Director as the Senior Graphic Designer. Here he was in charge of designing and overseeing each branding campaign from discovery to execution. These campaigns spanned the spectrum of photo shoots, commercial shoots, direct marketing programs, print ads, and on-property collateral branding.

In early 2007 Gabriel co-founded Up All Day Creative Solutions, where he spearheads all of the creative efforts of the agency. He oversees the company’s entire design team and is in charge of conceptualizing and executing all of the design and production projects for each of Up All Day Creative Solutions clients.


Deidre Riches – Head of Communications, Social Media Guru, PR Maven

Deidre has been working with Up All Day for over 9 years and has an incredible ability to make even the most benign text sound like it’s the most interesting thing you have ever read. Combine that with Deidre’s social media and PR skills, and her words become unstoppable.


Patrick DeVito – Designer, Coding Wizard, Production Machine

Patrick has over 9-years experience working with Up All Day. He has the strength and quickness of a team of 10 designers and will happily take on anything thrown his way. He also has the innate ability to finish a task before you even finish telling him that it’s due.